More than 18 years of experience

Antonia Tofalo, AITI Professional Translator

The freelance translator: the independent language professional and the authentic protagonist of the translation world. Even though irreplaceable and essential in the world of the language mediation, the role of the freelance translator is often unknown to the general public.

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More than 10 years of experience

Sworn Translations

The sworn translation is a translation in which the translated text has the same value as the original and is therefore considered valid by foreign bodies, institutions and authorities. The translation office of Antonia Tofalo, a sworn translator on the Roll of Experts at the Salerno’s Court (N° 972) and AITI member (N° 220065), has been working in the legal field for more than 10 years. It is specialized in legal translations and in the services of certification, legalization or apostilla of documents to be used and made official abroad.

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Translation and continuous training
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

Passion, the secret ingredient to my success.

I love travelling and I have transformed my experiences abroad in my career. After years of experiences and of study abroad, I could use my great passion for the languages to start the career I love and that fulfils my ambitions every day.

I work with private clients and agencies and I always pay attention to my clients’ needs and my aim is to help them make the difference in always more competitive markets.

Globalization has resulted in businesses having to operate in an international marketplace. Thus it is vital to have a professional translation service that can cooperate with you during your daily business activities in order to help you use languages as another means of developing your business.

I work as a freelancer, but I often collaborate with partners of my own and of other sectors in order to provide my clients with a high-quality and complete service.

I am always on the go to update and enhance the skills acquired and to develop new ones in order to provide my clients with the best service ever.

In addition to my experience and my linguistic knowledge, I also use the most modern assisted translation software that allows me to offer high-quality products.

It’s true that machine translation is becoming more and more sophisticated and there’s certainly a place in the translation industry for it, but a machine will never be able to fully replace a human translator.

Traduzioni Giurate Salerno

Legal English

Thanks to the sector skills gained over the years and the experience as a linguistic expert of the legal field, I also dedicate myself to the training on legal English. The aim of the course is to understand English legal texts, which allow students to become familiar with the specific terminology.

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Transforming the World of Professional Translation

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“A translator is to be like his author; it is not his business to excel him.” Samuel Johnson

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