Translation and Globalisation

Translation and globalization are closely connected and benefit from each other. The process of globalisation has allowed to break down the barriers that over the years have undermined many social relationships. The term globalization refers to the economic phenomenon that facilitates the transition from national to global markets: from a condition of local sensitivity we move on to a concept of world uniformity. The homogenization of national and international territories and the unification and cultural exchange among people is increasingly evident. In this scenario, the world of translation has acquired a fundamental role.

The translation industry is probably the most global market ever. Thanks to the technological progress of the last decades, communication media have no longer borders and one of the most critical aspects of globalization is the need to communicate in multiple languages so as to reach as many users as possible. The direct consequence has been the strong growth of the translation market, which today, thanks to the Internet, has practically no more obstacles: it is possible to reach a large number of professional translators and translation agencies, greatly reducing the distances between the client and the provider of translation services.

Translation has become a very valuable tool for the marketing sector. Translating allows you to familiarize yourself with what is “foreign”, bringing it closer to your target audience. In the era of globalization, translation also plays an important role because it helps scientists and doctors to realize their inventions and to share them with the world. We see the effects of globalization in the multilingual broadcasting of sports events. These are just some of the situations that show the importance of accurate translation services in the world of globalization.

Globalisation and translation, therefore, benefit from each other. Everything that is produced to be sent to other parts of the world achieves its goal through translation. In turn, the influences of globalization on the translation industry have been enormous. The demand for translation services has grown as a result of global changes. As a result of globalization, either loved or hated depending on personal views, the importance of communicating with other countries in other languages during economic transactions has increased a lot for companies. The translation industry is, therefore, an ever-expanding segment because communication among different people is a necessary tool to overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers that divide them. In this scenario, translation becomes the channel of communication between civilizations in the era of globalization.


The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.
Mahatma Gandhi

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