Translation and Revision

What is Translation?

Translating does not simply mean “transporting” words from one language to another: it is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of the languages and cultures involved, absolute terminological precision and a great mastery of the working tools.

Translating does not mean improvising and knowing how to speak two languages is not the same as knowing how to translate them, although very often it is enough simply to speak a foreign language to act as a translator. Translating is a special skill on which professional translators work hard to refine it with commitment, time and a lot of practice. Thanks to my studies and my professional experience, I am now able to offer a good professional translation service for different types of needs, for each of which quality must be a real watchword.

What is Revision?

Translation and revision go hand in hand!

Revision is the phase immediately following the translation process and is an essential step in the translator’s work. The European quality standard UNI-EN ISO 15038, replaced by the subsequent quality standard ISO 17100:2015 and approved by CEN on a proposal of EUATC, provides that the revision of a translation is always performed by a second translator because anybody can make a typing error or fall into a misprint. Therefore, all my translations are always reviewed by a second translator in order to offer my clients the best possible service.

Customer needs are my priority!

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