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Translation and globalization

Translation and globalization are closely connected and benefit from each other.

Globalization has resulted in businesses having to operate in an international marketplace. This means that you have to face situations in which you need the use of a foreign language. Thus it is vital to have a professional translation service that can cooperate with you during your daily business activities in order to help you break down barriers between you and your clients and help you use languages as another means of developing your business.

Thanks to my basic training, the skills acquired, professional qualifications and continuous training, as well as a customer-oriented modus operandi, I am able to respond efficiently and professionally to all customers’ needs, always respecting deadlines and offering a “tailor-made” professional service.

My services
  • Translation and Revision
  • Sworn Translations
  • Localization
  • Desktop Publishing
What is a CAT tool?

The use of advanced CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation), software for the terminological standardization of the texts, allows me to provide my clients with high-quality translations in a very timely manner, thus reducing the costs of the service. With my work and your requirements, I help you communicate with who you like, where you like.

A CAT tool is a software that helps translate texts. The CAT divides the text into segments (sentences) and presents them in order to make the translation easier and faster. The translation of each segment is saved together with the original text in a database called translation memory (TM). The original text and its translation will always be presented as a translation unit (TU). The main function of the CAT tool is to automatically recall the translation units during the translation process and re-use them in the text; this even if the translation corresponds only partially to the existing one.

These software are particularly useful during the translation process of:

  • texts with a high degree of repetition or with recurring phrases (technical manuals, spare parts lists, contracts, etc.) to guarantee standardization,
  • texts that are frequently updated (in multiple languages),
  • translations performed by several translators simultaneously, allowing for greater stylistic coherence.

Furthermore, they allow looking through bilingual resources for terminology research.


Rates depend on the word count in the source language, the level of difficulty of the text, the delivery time and the file format. The rates for legal translations depend on the kind of document.

With my work and your requirements I help you communicate with who you like, where you like.


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