What is localization?

The globalization of markets and the growing need for companies to act in the international economic scenario require a constant confrontation with different linguistic realities. This gives rise to the need for a professional translation service that can support the customer in his daily work and ensure that the language becomes a new opportunity for him to develop.

In this scenario, there is often a need for services that go beyond translation and adopt a cultural approach that allows the client to expand abroad. This process is called localization. Localization goes even further than translation because it includes a cultural dimension: it is the process of adapting a product or service to a specific geographical area.

Localization always starts with a product that has been developed for another market in another language and is a process whose effectiveness and efficiency largely depend on other types of interventions, such as globalization and localization. If you decide to localize a product, you need to develop a product that meets the expectations of users in different markets with features and functionality that are not based on a single language and a single place.

Localization is more than just a translation. Translation is just one aspect of the localization process that continues after the translation is completed. Terminology, software application and even graphics must be adapted to meet the cultural needs of the target audience.

Localizatione of:

  • Websites
  • Software
  • Online guides
  • Documents

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