Language for specific purposes

Legal English

My passion for teaching is is the linchpin of this project carried out in collaboration with the British School International.

The course “Introduction to Legal English” aims at completing the knowledge of the English language with the legal terminology. It is intended for lawyers, legal professionals, law graduates and law students or anyone who has an average level of English and considers this course useful for the career or needs a specialized professional training to deepen this field.

An important active contribution to the course from the legal world is represented by the presence of a lawyer: my lessons will be supported by a supreme court lawyer who makes a substantial contribution and will give practical hints.

The course has as its primary objective the acquisition of new linguistic competencies aimed at the comprehension of English legal texts which allow students to become familiar with the specific terminology. Part of the course is the study of specialized terms by reference to the English of the legal sector used in companies and professional firms.